Welcome to the world of vaping

Now this all may seem a little overwhelming to begin with so we highly recommend you take some time to read through this section so you can get a full understanding of what our products are about and what they can do for you.


First we will cover three reasons why you would want to use an electronic cigarette or PV (personal vapouriser) over traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Reason #1 - Your lungs will thank you for it!

If you smoke traditional cigarettes I'm sure by now you are aware of the damage they are causing to your body and your family and friends around you.

Electronic cigarettes are a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco as they only emit a vapour that is hundreds of times less harmful for you than tobacco smoke. By switching to our products you could potentially add years to your life.

Reason #2 - Your wallet will thank you for it!

With the rise of taxation on tobacco products in New Zealand smoking is becoming a very expensive habit and in time it will only become more expensive. If you were to switch to using our products you could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

For example; if you purchased our beginner kit for $50 and $6 for NZ shipping with the liquid included in the kit this would cost you approximately $5 each day over the first 11 days (based on consumption of 1ml of e-liquid per day) and by the end of the 11 days you would still have your electronic cigarette meaning if you purchased more liquid at $10 per 11ml bottle the cost to use your e-cig would be $1 a day.

Now think about how much money you spend on cigarettes each day, if is costing you approximately $10 per day you could save $9 each day that's $63 a week and over one year you could save over $3000!

Reason #3 - Flavour!

Thats right, reason number 3 is flavour, 

Our products come with a range of flavours so you can have anything from a tobacco flavour to custards, pies, fruits, drinks and more!

You won't just be able to enjoy the flavours we provide as over time your sense of taste and smell will return and you will notice foods, desserts and drinks will taste so much better.

So what is an electronic cigarette or PV?

An electronic cigarette is a personal vaporiser (hence the reason we call it vaping) that is made up of a battery, a heating coil and tank or filler material that holds the liquid that gets vaporised. The liquid is called 'e-liquid' or 'e-juice'.

E-cigs and PVs come in many different shapes and sizes; some may look like traditional cigarettes and even have a red LED on the end that lights up when you take a drag. These are typically called e-cigs or electronic cigarettes.

Others have slightly larger batteries and tanks to hold more liquid so it can last longer before it needs a re-charge or re-fill. These are typically called PVs or personal vapourisers.

Then it steps up even more in size giving you much more battery life and juice capacity as well as options to turn the power output up or down to suit your mood, by turning the power up you can get more vapour and flavour out of your e-liquid but be careful as if you turn it up too high it can start to get a burnt or dry taste as the wick will not be able to deliver the liquid to the heating coil fast enough if it is too hot. These are typically called APVs or advanced personal vapourisers.

Finally if you are the tinkering and DIY type you can get ones that you build the coil and wicking system yourself, this way you can build it just the way you like it so you can achieve that perfect vape.

Also if you really enjoy doing things yourself you can even make your own liquids by mixing your favourite concentrated flavours and base liquids together to create your very own custom e-liquid.

So how does an e-cig/PV work?

E-cigs are generally made up of three main parts, although more advanced devices can be broken down into many individual components.

1. Battery

The PV battery is usually the largest part of the device; this provides electricity to the heating element within the atomizer.

2. Atomizer

An atomizer is the part of the device that attaches to the top of the battery. They come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Some have the coil mounted at the top, bottom and some are in the middle surrounded by a filler material that gets soaked in e-liquid; others require you to build the coil and wick yourself.

3. Heating element (coil)

The coil is the part of the atomizer that heats up and vapourizes the e-liquid. Some are easily replaceable by the user, some are re-buildable and others are disposable. The coil will need to be changed about once each week for a heavy user and if you are a light user they can last months; eventually they will need to be replaced because over time the residue from the e-liquid that doesn't get vapourised is left on the coil and this can mute the flavour and if left long enough can cause a burning taste in the vapour and reduce the amount of vapour your device will produce.

So what is the difference between an atomizer,, clearomizer, genesis style atomizer, RDA and RTA?


An atomizer was the first design of the heating portion of the electronic cigarette. They consist of a small steel tube with a battery connection at one end and the other end is left open, on the inside of the end with the battery connection is where the coil is mounted. The other end is left open at one end so the user could attach a cartridge (plastic housing filled with an e-liquid soaked material) this cartridge would feed liquid to the coil. This design was okay but was in dire need of a better system to get the e-liquid to the coil.


A clearomizer is made up of a central column with a coil and silica wick that is surrounded by a clear tank, the wicks run into the tank were the e-liquid is held, the silica feeds the liquid to the coil. The advantage of these is they are easy to fill, easy to maintain, easy to tell when you need more e-liquid in them and easy to replace the coil. They come in many different styles and coil types including top mounted single or dual coil and bottom mounted single or dual coil.

Genesis style atomizer

A genesis style atomizer is a type of re-buildable that is for the tinkering and DIY type of person; so why would you bother re-building your own coils? Because when you do this and do it right (it will take practice so don't give up) you will be able to get the most flavour and vapour out of your e-liquid.

The genesis atomiser is made up of a lower tank and a top deck. The wick will run down into the tank and the coil will be built on the deck then a top cap will be placed on the deck with an air hole lined up with the coil (this way you get the best vape) the wick will feed liquid up to the coil and the air will be sucked in through the side of the top cap running over the coil and up into the mouth piece. The wicking material can be stainless steel mesh rolled into a little tube, silica wick, cotton, ceramic or stainless steel rope. This tank must be kept upright as they will leak if left upside down. If you are interested in this type of atomizer please do some research as there is only so much help we can give to you over the phone or via email.


RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer; this type of atomizer does not hold much e-liquid at all and you have to directly drip the liquid onto the coil and wicking material. With this type of atomizer you can get amazing flavour and an insane amount of vapour but it can be annoying having to drip all the time. The RDA is simply made up of two main parts, a build deck and a top cap the build deck has one positive connection post and one or two negative connection posts for your coil and wick to be attached to, then the top cap is placed on (with the air hole/s lined up with the coil/s) and you simply have a few puffs then add a few drops of liquid either by dripping it through the mouth piece or removing the top cap and dripping on to the coil and wick. The two main wicking materials used in a RDA is silica or cotton.


RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer; (The Russian 91% is an RTA) this type of atomizer combines the great flavour and vapour of a genesis style atomizer with a tank that wont leak (if the wick and coil are built correctly). In the core of this atomizer sits the coil and wick setup which has a metal tube placed over it and then a larger tank section is placed over that, the tank holds the liquid and when the user takes a drag on the device the liquid is forced into the core saturating the wick so it can in turn feed the coil.

Throughout your journey into the vaping world you will hear many terms and phrases; here we will cover what a few of them mean.

Common Terms & Phrases

1. Ohm or Resistance

The resistance of the coil or heating element is measured in ohms, the standard output voltage of an ego battery is 3.7 volts if you attach a 2.8 ohm device it will take longer to heat up and produce less vapour compared to a 1.8 ohm coil but keep in mind the lower the ohm the faster your battery will drain.

Variable voltage or wattage devices will drive your coil harder and heat it up faster producing much more vapour, but be sure to start at a lower setting and working your way up gradually so you don't burn the wicking material.

2. Voltage and Wattage

Voltage and wattage are what the device will power the heating coil with; a standard ego battery will fire a coil at 3.7v when you have a variable voltage device such as the Vision Spinner you can control this voltage output, by turning the voltage up the coil will heat faster creating more vapour and flavour.

Voltage will always try and fire a coil at the same voltage whether it is a low resistance or high resistance coil.

Wattage will see what the resistance of the coil is and then decide what is the best voltage to fire it at, this is good when you are switching between different resistance coils and don't want to change the voltage each time. Keep in mind it may need a small amount of adjustment each time depending on what liquid you are using.

3. mAh

The capacity of a battery is measured in milliamp hours (mAh) the higher the mAh rating the longer the battery will last, for example our 1100 mAh ego battery will last longer than our 900 mAh if they have the same resistance atomizer attached.

4. Atty

Atty is just short form for atomizer.

What is in the liquid being vaporised?

The liquid is made up of a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavouring and some liquids also contain nicotine.

These liquids have many uses including foods, medicine, hand creams and shampoos, but this doesn't mean you should wash your hands or hair with e-liquid; never drink your e-liquid as it can be fatal, always wash your hands after getting liquid on them.

Useful Tips


If you have any questions or need some advice/help with our products please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do the best we can to help you.